Cosmic Star Heroine (Final – 01/17/2018)

Here are my final thoughts on Zeboyd Games’ Cosmic Star Heroine (Spoilers). 

First up are some of the positives of the game:

  1. Sci-Fi Setting: I really enjoyed the sci-fi setting and being able to jump between several different planets–each with its own set of alien races and different kinds of technology.
  2. Story Setup: I also found the start of Cosmic Star Heorine’s really interesting, from rescuing hostages to investigating a mysterious lab to being betrayed by the government that you work for. The game does a great job of getting you hooked.
  3. Defend: I enjoyed the fact that this game made you take into account the defend button in order to recharge your other abilities. It offered an interesting bit of strategy early on in the game.
  4. Lovecraft: I loved the fact that Cthulhu was a hidden optional boss in this game. No explanation as to why Cthulhu would be in it, but it was a nice nod to Lovecraft.


And now some of the negatives of the game for me.

  1. Shallow Story: After revealing that the API is looking to bring order and stability to the galaxy by engineering mind control technology the story really doesn’t progress beyond that initial setup. Sure, you jump from planet to planet looking for a counter to the technology, but the API takes a backseat, which causes a lack of urgency.
  2. Characters: Cosmic Star Heroine has a large cast of character, but unfortunately the vast majority of them are extremely underdeveloped and it would make zero difference if they were not in the game. It would have been nice if there had been more sidequests involving these characters.
  3. Length: Clocking in at around 11 hours, Cosmic Star Heroine is way too short for the story that it is trying to tell. I think it could have really benefited from another 15 to 20 hours of gameplay to help flesh out the story more. 
  4. Glitch: Given how integral the VR combat is to the game it surprises me how the game crashing glitch made it past Q&A. Pretty disappointing. 
  5. Combat: I was a bit disappointed in the combat, because once you’re able to get multi-target programs and stat enhancing programs you pretty much just end up buffing one character and having them cast a board clearing spell.
  6. Dialogue: The dialogue in this game is pretty cheesy. While cheesy dialogue can have its place if it is intentional, but given the serious tone of this game it just comes off as distracting. 

In the end Cosmic Star Heroine never quite lives up to its full potential and is an all to brief, but fun ride.

Final Verdict: 6.5/10


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