Cosmic Star Heroine (Part 3 – 01/16/2018)

I’ve continued playing and beat Zeboyd Games’ Cosmic Star Heroine on the PlayStation 4. Here are some of my thoughts while playing the game (Spoilers). 

  1. Major Bug: This game has what I consider to be a major bug. Namely if you decide to refight a battle in VR and you happen to lose it will ask you if you want to retry. However, if you do retry the game will glitch out and then crash. I tested this out and it did it every single time. Lame.
  2. 26815509_744976745701072_8932642328221892518_nCharacters:  There are a fair amount of characters in this game, but unfortunately pretty much the vast majority have really no reason to join the group other than for the most basic reasons, such as needing to get out of a place or because you know someone. I wish the characters had been fleshed out a lot more.
  3. Story: I really like the basic concept of this game’s story. The idea of a government agency wanting to control the minds of humans to get rid of crime and usher in stability is interesting, it’s just unfortunate that the game never really delves into the idea. It mainly stays in the background and then devolves into a lame ancient alien wants to control humanity…for some reason.
  4. Combat: Basically later in the game this devolves into have three characters buff one character and the next turn that buffed out character pretty much wipes the board with the enemies. 
  5. Asteroid: When heading out to the asteroid the game warns you to save your game, as if you’re enter a point of no return, but that’s not really the case. It was just kind of weird.
  6. Game Master: I’m still not exactly sure what happens in regards to this boss. So you go to the Volt Arcade and then check out the arcade machine, which causes the Game Master, a giant face that is very reminiscent of the Lawnmower Man appears and attacks you. However, does this boss come out of the machine? Are you sucked into the machine? Who is this guy and why is so obsessed with Dave’s high score?
  7. Eternity: This end boss was a bit of a disappointment, mainly because it pops out of nowhere and so late in the game that it really doesn’t matter. Also, is there some kind of unwritten rule somewhere that the final boss in an RPG must have multiple stages? Why not just have it all in one go, because at this point I can’t imagine anyone being surprised by the boss not actually being defeated the first go.
  8. Eternity 2: I did enjoy the music that accompanied this boss battle and it definitely got me pumped up for the battle.
  9. 26804382_744968445701902_3842787895828061032_nSmirks: Why do so many of the characters during the ending smirk as the camera pans them? Do they only know how to draw smirks? Was kind of annoying.
  10. Lovecraft: Clearly the developers of this game are fans of Lovecraft and his greatest creation is an optional, and fairly challenging boss battle.

Early Impression: 6.0/10.0

Trophies Earned (34/34): “Gourmet;”  “Betrayal;” “Full House;” “Objection;” “Braaaains!;” “Mad Skills;” “Gunmancer;” “Overkill;” “Cosmic Star;” “Crowded;” “Dem Bones;” “Eldritch Master;” “Primer;” “Scavenger;” and earned the platinum trophy, “Heroine”


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