Cosmic Star Heroine (Part 2 – 01/14/2018)

I’ve continued playing Zeboyd Games’ Cosmic Star Heroine on the PlayStation 4. Here are some of my thoughts while playing the game (Spoilers). 

  1. Enemies: It looks like enemies don’t respawn in this game, once they’re gone they’re gone for good. This is nice when you have to run back and forth through an area, but not so much when you want to level up a bit. However, the game does have a VR battle section, which allows you to fight the battle you just fought over again.
  2. 26238831_743971772468236_642282694393756590_nDefend: This is one of the few RPGs that I can think of where the defense button is actually useful. In this game, you need to use the defend button to recharge your abilities, because for the majority of them once you use them once you can’t use them again until you defend.
  3. Clarke: Is this guy supposed to be a robotic Michael Jackson or something? Also, why does he have a metal mustache and eyebrows? So weird.
  4. Clarke 2: I found this guy to be pretty damn useless in battle. Most of his abilities are only effective if he is dead and his most powerful attack is his self-destruct button, which kills him. Lame.
  5. Ship: It looks like this game is taking a page out of Suikoden’s base concept, but instead of a castle you have a spaceship to fill up with team members and crew.
  6. Support Crew: I like how you can “equip” support staff to your team, with each of them offering a different type of bonus to the group. I think this adds a nice bit of strategy in trying to figure out which crew member will help out the most in each area.
  7. Swamp: Going through the swamp area on planet Rhomu there’s an area where you need to collect two eyeballs and place them in pedestals in order to raise a bridge out of the swamp. I definitely wasn’t expecting this and it was just very weird. Also, what did those eyeballs come out of, because they are pretty massive.
  8. Scimirex Village: I was stuck on this area for a while. First off you need to get a device that will assist you with understanding the bug-language of the Scimirex in order to use the terminals. Easy enough, but in order to proceed you need to help a Scimirex repair terminals, but to do that you need to get into the storage area, which requires a terminal. However, the terminal is down to repairs. However, the actual terminal you need is tucked away in a different area. This was poor design by the developer.
  9. 26238798_744147422450671_8662503780913194336_nThe Hive: Where’s the Energize bunny when you need him? There’s so many damaged and missing batteries from the Hive. 
  10. API: What happened to these guys? You jump to a different planet and they forget about you? I’m surprised there hasn’t been more run-ins with these guys, because it seemed like they were being set up as the main antagonist. Oh well, maybe they’ll show up again on the next planet. 

Early Impression: 8.0/10.0

Trophies Earned (19/34): “Prison Break;” “Visionary;” “Crystals;” and “Red Button.”


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