Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (Part 2 – 12/11/2017)

I started playing Sucker Punch’s Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, which is collected in The Sly Collection, remastered for the PlayStation 3. I’ve made it to episode three, “Vicious Voodoo” and completed the “Sunset Snake Eyes” area (Spoilers Ahead). 

  1. High Class Heist:  I like how in this area there are spoofs of famous statues and paintings, such as having Raleigh as The Thinker or Atlas, or a frog Mona Lisa or the Birth of Venus. Actually, the Birth of Venus was pretty surprising given that it’s a bit risky.
  2. 174378-sly-cooper-and-the-thievius-raccoonus-playstation-2-screenshotBentley and Sly: The dialog exchanges between Bentley and Sly are pretty funny. In Cunning Disguise there was a pretty funny exchange over the merits of using a barrel as protection and disguise despite its unsanitary drawbacks. In another area, you have Bentley’s high tech speak and Sly breaking it down into very simple terms, much to Bentley’s chagrin. Or even the fact that Bentley was surprised that Sly was able to successfully turn of the generator in Raleigh’s area.
  3. Gunboat Graveyard: I really enjoyed this area and being able to climb among the wrecked boats, derelict planes and destroyed submarines. Clearly, Raleigh and his crew work really hard, judging by all the vessels that they have.
  4. Varied Gameplay: I had forgotten a trend of platformers on the PS1 and PS2 was to have varied gameplay segments in their game, and Sly Cooper is no different. There is a little submarine area where you are shooting treasure-stealing crabs. There is also an area where you have to shoot at enemies while Murray attempts to grab a key, which was okay. Finally, there was the requisite racing level. At the Dog Track was just a horrendous racing level. Your car is so much slower compared to the other cars it’s just ridiculous. 
  5. Raleigh: This boss battle was pretty fun and had you running around different platforms while a bloated up Raleigh tries to squash you. About the only challenging part of this boss battle was when Raleigh spins in a circle with his tongue out. Took me a try to get the jumping down on that part.
  6. Mesa City: I really loved the look of this place, especially the entry level. Seeing the Southwestern desert and mesas in the background was extremely well-done and I thought they made effective use of shades of purple. Adding a junkyard motif, with broken and teetering vehicles was also a great touch.
  7. hqdefaultSunset Snake Eyes: This episode has a nice nod to a classic cartoon troop that sees a hyperactive and aggressive dog on a chain chasing after you and then getting snapped back by a chain around their neck. I also love how they have a surprised look on their faces when it happens. All the drool coming out when they’re chasing you is also a nice touch.
  8. Boneyard Casino: Wow, is this area a giant liability. What kind of casino has whole areas partially submerged in water? Who would play in that area? Also, what’s the deal with all of the electric lines swinging around and electrifying the water? Mugshots’ insurance must be through the roof!
  9. Two to Tango: I absolutely loved this level that had Sly jumping around the rooftops while Carmelita is trying to shoot him with her stun gun. This level did a much better job of mixing up the gameplay than did the previous racing or shooting levels. Hopefully there are more of these later on.
  10. Muggshot: This also was a pretty fun boss battle and I love how after hitting the mirrors and causing his guns to melt, Muggshot gets pretty upset that his guns have been broken. It was a nice humorous touch. 

Early Impression: 8.0/10.0

Trophies Earned: “Programmers Can Do Anything;” “Take it Slow;” “Nimble Like a Thief;” “Coin Sucker;” “Frog Legs;” “Pug Gambling;” “Top of the Morning;” “Freeze, You’re It;” “French Bulldog Style;” “Waterlogged;” “Now Ya See Me;” “Giving the Dog a Bone;” and “Bayou Lily.”


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