Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (12/05/2017 – part 13)

I continued playing Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Spoilers ahead).

  1. Frozen Eleum Loyce: Pretty cool looking place. Not sure why a massive castle would be built in what looks like a massive ice field. Seriously, there’s like nothing but ice and snow all around. I like how while running around outside your armor becomes coated in frost. Also, how some areas can get pretty difficult to see due to the foggy conditions.
  2. DSII-DLC3-01-Frozen_Eleum_Loyce.0.0Rampart Stray Dog: These little bastards can be hard to see at times. They totally blend in with the snow and stone from a distance.
  3. White Cloaks: What’s the deal with the people in white just hanging out in the snow? I know they are alive because I accidentally hit one while fighting a Rampart Soldier and she screamed. Why aren’t they taking cover inside the buildings? There’s quite a few of them too.
  4. Invisible Walls: A downside to this game is that your arrows get snagged on invisible walls way too often–and sometimes you aren’t even close to a wall. Pretty lame that this is still a thing.
  5. Aava, the King’s Pet: My what a big ass tiger you are. I swear, the bosses on the DLC levels seem way harder than the bosses in the main game. They hit hard and seem to take very little damage. Took a few tries, but I finally kill this monster!
  6. Alsanna the Silent Oracle: Nice, she took out the storm and it looks like all those frozen chests are now unfrozen.
  7. Burnt Ivory King: Okay, this boss is off the hook. I made it past all the knights, which was hard given that I was by myself, with the exception of one knight looking guy who got killed pretty quick. And then the King showed up with more knights and I got slaughtered.
  8. Frozen Hedgehog: Stumbled across some frozen hedgehogs, what a pain in the ass when they start rolling around.
  9. ds2-avaWhite Cloaks 2: Okay, so those little bastards come alive after speaking to oracle and will sneak up on your ass and shank you.
  10. Maldron: Okay, this little bastard tricked me into doing the greeting sign and then backstabbed me—and then he ran away!

Early Impression: 8.0/10.0

Trophies Earned: None


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