Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (10/19/2017 part 5)

I continued playing Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II and I finished act 1. Here are my ten takeaways while playing the game (spoilers):

  1. North Kreuzen Highway: This section of the highway has a pretty catchy musical score, especially the stringy guitar section of it.
  2. cc6b26Race: What was the logic behind the race between Jusis and Rean? Seriously, Rean was riding a motorcycle while Jusis was riding a horse. It wasn’t even close, even with the motorcycle not having a very good turn radius.
  3. McBurn: Really? The villain’s name is McBurn and his powers involve fire–clearly not much thought was put into this guy’s name.
  4. McBurn and Duvalie: The interactions between these two characters was hilarious, especially Duvalie’s exasperations at how lazy and laidback McBurn is.
  5. McBurn’s Hair: Wow, does McBurn have some interesting locks. Pink and blue and looking like he has a giant feather on his head. It really reminded me of brightly colored Rod Stewart from the ’80s.
  6. maxresdefaultTeleportation: What’s the deal with pretty much every bad guy being able to teleport? How have they not won the civil war if they have this ability and the other side seemingly doesn’t?
  7. Heaving Breasts: There’s a bonding scene with Emma in Ymir where her breasts are just heaving for no apparent reason. It was really weird and it was not even subtle. It’s like Emma had just done something really physically exhausting, but the scene revolved around knitting.
  8. Sharon: Speaking of weird bonding scenes, the one with Sharon was also pretty strange. In it Rean cuts his finger and she straight up pops it in her mouth and sucks on it. Definitely not what I was expecting in that scene.
  9. Overdrive: I’m pretty stoked about the game giving you a second overdrive, I can’t wait to unleash massive damage!
  10. End of Act 1: Wow does act 1 end on a strong note, with all the forces of the Noble Alliance being marshalled against Ymir. The Nobel Alliance’s main ship was badass and all together it did a good job of conveying just how big of a threat Class VII is going to need to overcome.

Early Impressions: 7.5/10.0

Trophies Earned: Shutdown Phenomenon and Ashen Chronicles.  



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