Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (10/17/2017 part 3)

I continued playing Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II and didn’t even complete December 8th. Here are my ten takeaways while playing the game (spoilers):

1. Zats Amore: There’s literally a sidequest named Zats Amore, which made me laugh.

2. Old School Sound Effect: I’ve noticed when the characters jump they make that whoosh sound–now that’s old school.

trails-of-cold-steel-ii-finale-to-epilogue-63. Altina: So, Millium now is wearing more age appropriate clothing, but now there’s Altina, who appears to be Millium’s age wearing quite revealing outfit. What is the deal with sexualized preteens in this game? Is this a thing in Japan?

4. Valimar: I’m really digging the increased use of mecha battles. While they are pretty simple, at least so far, they are also a lot of fun! Who doesn’t like big robots smashing each other?

5. Detection: I just want to say I love that there is a quartz that allows you to see all the chests on the map. Such a wonderful, wonderful thing to have.

6. Watchtower: Yay, a new area to explore–too bad the robots in side were the same that were found in the previous game.

7. Sharon: Sharon is a member of Ouroboros! Say it ain’t so! Also, her explanation that the enforcers of the group are given some autonomy only goes so far, because how would a group function if its members are allowed to work directly in opposition to its goals? Hopefully this is fleshed out more later in the game.

8. Sharon and Alisa: The interactions between Sharon and Alisa are just priceless and so entertaining. Sharon the apparent super-maid and Alisa’s continued surprise that she continues to show up out of the blue. I’m glad this has carried over from the pervious game.

trails-of-cold-steel-ii-act-1-and-intermission-159. Snowboarding: A simple mini-game in Ymir, but I’ve found it to be surprisingly fun as well.

10. Azuki Beans: Apparently not only do the people of Ymir love these things, but massive monkeys do as well. When the monkeys were revealed I was really surprised by how big they were, and more surprised by the glare that Rean gave them to scare them off, which was pretty funny.

Early Impressions: 7.0/10.0

Trophies Earned: Tactician 



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