Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (10/16/2017 part 2)

I continued playing Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II and didn’t even complete December 5th. Here are my ten takeaways while playing the game (spoilers):

Legend-of-Heroes-Trails-of-Cold-Steel-021. Recycled Resources: My concern about an overreliance on recycled resources yesterday was only strengthened today, as the game took me to another area that was explored during a field study in the first game. Not sure why the developers don’t have you going to the areas that the group you didn’t control for the field study went to. Yes, they added a new section to the Nord Highlands, but as of right now they’re not doing a very good job of balance the old with the new.

2. Enemies: While the number of enemies has been bumped up over the original, it’s been clear so far that a majority of the “new” monsters are color palette swapped monsters–especially true in the Aria Shrine areas so far.

3. Millium: While Fie’s clothing got super scant, it looks like Millium’s outfit is a lot more appropriate. Not sure why the developers thought a preteen in a skin tight outfit was a good idea in the first game.

4. Flashback: When Rean flashes back to previous events, he must be having an out of body perspective, because he’s seeing himself from a third-person perspective in them.

5. Grammar: A nod to poor translations of old, when you get a new technique the game proudly proclaims “Craft Get,” which is just funny. 

6. Nord-Northeast: Wow is the view from this area pretty spectacular when you get to the higher point.

7. Claire: Absolutely loving Claire’s freezing rain craft–wide area and seems to have a high chance of freezing enemies.

8. Fishing: Really? Having players catch the same fish over as in the first one? Lame.

9. Horses: I don’t know why, but I really enjoy riding the horse through the Nord Highlands. It really is just an enjoyable experience, unless you have to make a sharp turn because they turn about as well as a tank.

2_958772555110. Characters: The strong point of this game remains its strong cast of characters and the entertaining interactions they have with one another. Having played the first game, I really came to care for these characters and seeing them being reunited in this game has been pretty effective and surprisingly moving.

Early Impressions: 7.0/10.0

Trophies Earned: None 


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