10/14/2017 – Little Nightmares (part 2)

Finished playing Little Nightmares tonight and made it through the last two levels (Guest Area and Lady’s Quarter). Here are ten of my takeaways (spoilers):


  1. Getting outside of the boat and climbing the chain gave a great perspective of just how big that ship is.
  2. Seeing The Lady overlooking the parade of patrons entering the ship was pretty damn spooky.
  3. The whole guest level, with the patrons gorging themselves on food and then chasing after you reminded me of the movie Spirited Away. I wonder if the developers were inspired by that film?
  4. The horror of realizing that when one of those patrons catch you they actually eat you!
  5. The Lady’s quarters was pretty damn creepy with all of those mannequins laying around.
  6. Breaking the vase in her bedroom, I so did not notice the key pop out and it took me some time to figure out where to do next.
  7. I actually enjoyed the boss fight with the Lady and the use of the mirror to reflect her face was pretty cool.
  8. Wow. I can’t believe you eat the Lady at the end!
  9. The ending where you are walking out and siphoning off the life of the patrons and blowing out lights was pretty creepy and was enhanced by the music.
  10. I actually only managed to die 13 times this time around.

Final Impressions: 8.5/10.0

Trophies Unlocked: Little Lost Things, Rascal, Light Up Your life, The Prison, The Lair, The Kitchen, The Guest Area, The Lady’s Quarters, Kitchen Hand, Highly Sprung, Elusive, Six’s Song.




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