10/13/2017 – Little Nightmares (part 1)

Started playing Little Nightmares tonight and made it through the first three levels (Prison, Liar, and Kitchen). Here are ten of my takeaways (spoilers):


  1. Effective Use of Sound: Little Nightmares has some fantastic sound effects and the developers went the extra mile to include even minor sounds, such as the sound of water drops hitting your raincoat to the pitter-patter of your feet as you walk.
  2. Yellow Raincoat: The yellow raincoat was an inspired choice and really adds an interesting contrast between the main character and the gloomy, dark setting.
  3. Daddy Long Arms: Wow, was this guy genuinely creepy–not only from a design perspective, but also due to the creepy sniffs and cracks that he makes walking around, and when he catches the main character. I felt so bad every time he caught me.
  4. Chefs: I don’t know why, but when the chefs got excited when seeing the main character made me laugh.
  5. Trial and Error: Man, I died a lot… like 54 times. Especially when it came to that Daddy Long Arms. Probably the majority of the deaths were due to him snatching me up.
  6. Television: The song on the TV you use to distract Daddy Long Arms was pretty dang catchy.
  7. Shoes: What’s the deal with all the shoes? What happened on this ship? Or at least I think it’s a ship.
  8. No Tutorial For You: This game really likes you to do try things out before telling you things you can do. Oh, you can swing, throw items? That would’ve been good to know.
  9. Camera Issues: The fixed camera has lead to a couple of deaths and can make grabbing hanging levers a bit cumbersome.
  10. Save Points: My understanding is that the lanterns are checkpoints, but it doesn’t seem like you start next to them when you die, which I found a bit strange.

Early impression: 7.0/10.0



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