Amazing Spider-Man #2 (05/10/1963)

detail2Amazing Spider-Man # 2 sees the debut of the Vulture, who terrorizes the skies of New York City and strikes at his victims on silent wings and taunts the media and the police while doing soon. In addition, this issue also sees the debut of the Tinkerer and his secret plot to spy on the Earth in preparation for an alien invasion. Will Spider-Man be up to the task of stopping these villains?

This was another solid entry in the series and the Vulture is one of Spider-Man’s classic villains. This issue also introduces the concepts of Peter Parker as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle, the utility belt, and his micro camera. In addition, Steve Ditko’s artwork is just fabulous. The only down side to this issue is the Tinkerer and the whole alien invasion thing just doesn’t work nearly as well as the Vulture. Also, Lee was too damn lazy to even give this species of aliens a name.

In the end Amazing Spider-Man #2 is worth reading just for the Vulture story and Ditko’s wonderful artwork alone. The Tinkerer story, while not bad, really doesn’t add anything overall to the series.

Rating: 3.5/5.0


  • Editor: Stan Lee
  • Cover Artists: Jack Kirby
  • Writers: Stan Lee
  • Pencilers: Steve Ditko
  • Inkers: Steve Ditko
  • Colorists:
  • Letterers: John Duffy, Artie Simek





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