Cosmic Star Heroine (Part 2 – 01/14/2018)

I’ve continued playing Zeboyd Games’ Cosmic Star Heroine on the PlayStation 4. Here are some of my thoughts while playing the game (Spoilers). 

  1. Enemies: It looks like enemies don’t respawn in this game, once they’re gone they’re gone for good. This is nice when you have to run back and forth through an area, but not so much when you want to level up a bit. However, the game does have a VR battle section, which allows you to fight the battle you just fought over again.
  2. 26238831_743971772468236_642282694393756590_nDefend: This is one of the few RPGs that I can think of where the defense button is actually useful. In this game, you need to use the defend button to recharge your abilities, because for the majority of them once you use them once you can’t use them again until you defend.
  3. Clarke: Is this guy supposed to be a robotic Michael Jackson or something? Also, why does he have a metal mustache and eyebrows? So weird.
  4. Clarke 2: I found this guy to be pretty damn useless in battle. Most of his abilities are only effective if he is dead and his most powerful attack is his self-destruct button, which kills him. Lame.
  5. Ship: It looks like this game is taking a page out of Suikoden’s base concept, but instead of a castle you have a spaceship to fill up with team members and crew.
  6. Support Crew: I like how you can “equip” support staff to your team, with each of them offering a different type of bonus to the group. I think this adds a nice bit of strategy in trying to figure out which crew member will help out the most in each area.
  7. Swamp: Going through the swamp area on planet Rhomu there’s an area where you need to collect two eyeballs and place them in pedestals in order to raise a bridge out of the swamp. I definitely wasn’t expecting this and it was just very weird. Also, what did those eyeballs come out of, because they are pretty massive.
  8. Scimirex Village: I was stuck on this area for a while. First off you need to get a device that will assist you with understanding the bug-language of the Scimirex in order to use the terminals. Easy enough, but in order to proceed you need to help a Scimirex repair terminals, but to do that you need to get into the storage area, which requires a terminal. However, the terminal is down to repairs. However, the actual terminal you need is tucked away in a different area. This was poor design by the developer.
  9. 26238798_744147422450671_8662503780913194336_nThe Hive: Where’s the Energize bunny when you need him? There’s so many damaged and missing batteries from the Hive. 
  10. API: What happened to these guys? You jump to a different planet and they forget about you? I’m surprised there hasn’t been more run-ins with these guys, because it seemed like they were being set up as the main antagonist. Oh well, maybe they’ll show up again on the next planet. 

Early Impression: 8.0/10.0

Trophies Earned (19/34): “Prison Break;” “Visionary;” “Crystals;” and “Red Button.”


Cosmic Star Heroine (Part 1 – 01/13/2018)

I’ve started playing Zeboyd Games’ Cosmic Star Heroine on the PlayStation 4. Cosmic Star Heroine was released on April 11, 2017. Cosmic Star Heroine is the 5th game developed by Zeboyd Games and is a 16 bit style RPG that draws inspiration from classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Phantasy Star. Here are some of my thoughts while playing the game (Spoilers). 

  1. Enemy Encounters: The way you encounter enemies in this game is clearly inspired by Chrono Trigger. Instead of being taken to a separate battle screen when an enemy hits you, you go straight into the battle right on the map that you had been traversing. Personally I’ve always had a preference for this approach over the other one and I’m not sure why most games don’t adopt this. 
  2. 26804758_743297329202347_830175708207846635_nGraphics: The SNES style graphics of this game are hitting all of the right buttons for me and is bringing back found memories of my childhood. 
  3. Dialogue: The dialogue in this game has been a bit on the campy side for me, and it doesn’t come off as being intentional on the developer’s part. For instance I’ve come across such memorable lines as Groff referring to the agents as “knuckle-headed, agency freaks” and Alyssa informing Groff that his “Evil ends now.” I’m really hoping this improves, because as of right now it is pretty bad.
  4. Sue: I wasn’t expecting sectional chief Sue to be a baldheaded, red bearded brute of a guy. It definitely caught me by surprise. 
  5. Dream Scene: There’s a weird cutscene involving a dream sequence, I think. Or was it someone actually in Alyssa’s room messing with her? It was really hard to tell what was going on in that scene. 
  6. Dressing. Right after the dream cutscene there’s an in-game scene of Alyssa hurriedly getting dressed when she pops out of bed, which I thought did a good job of capturing some of the charm of old school RPGs.
  7.  Story: The story sounds promising thus far. You play as Alyssa, a top agent of API, who had stopped the terrorist group, Astrea, from acquiring technology in violation of the Mental Autonomy Act, which outlaws technology that infringes on an individual’s right to freedom. However, you soon find out that the government agency that you work for plans on using the technology itself. Now you’re on the run and hunted by your former employer.
  8. Talking: It can be a bit difficult to talk to characters in this game due to the fact that you have to be in a very specific spot and you have the ability to walk through them.
  9. 26231409_743303829201697_3096255549174804802_nNightshade: The techno music in this club is easily the best in the game so far. It really has a nice beat to it. The lyrics for the song that Lauren sings are a bit bizarre though.
  10. Giant Robot: This was a fun boss battle that sees you fight off a giant robot attacking the city. You start off at its feet and then have to run through the skyscrapers to reach its middle and then head. After which you hop into the robot and proceed to fight with a giant monster attacking the city. Great stuff.

Early Impression: 8.0/10.0

Trophies Earned (15/34): “Prepare to Die;” RPS Badge;” “Stylish;” “Bomb Squad;” “Product Placement;” “Rat Pack;” “It’s Baaaack!;” “Rogue Agent;” Charming;” Safehouse;” “Friendship;” “Kaiju Killer;” “Captain;” Practice Makes Perfect;” and “Teamwork;” 


Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Final – 01/11/2018)

Here are my final thoughts on Gust’s Co.’s  “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.” 

First up are what I found to be the positives of the game:

  1. Characters: One of Atelier Sophie’s strengths is its cast of characters. While I didn’t use all of the playable characters in battle, the game is setup in such a way that you have numerous small interactions throughout the game that you really get to know the characters and come to care about them. This is especially true in regards to the interactions between Sophie and Plachta and between Sophie, Oskar and Monika.
  2. Alchemy: Once you get the hang of it, the alchemy in the game becomes pretty addicting. I found myself spending quite a bit of time just trying to gather the best materials and trying to get the best traits and effects. I thought increasing your characters’ abilities and stats through the traits and effects on equipment was an interesting take on the RPG formula. 
  3. Graphics: Clearly this game has an anime inspired design and the graphics reflect this style and are vivid, crisp and bright. The game also runs silky smooth. 
  4. Voice Acting: The voice acting, outside of Pamela, is fantastic and really did a good job of capturing the characters’ personalities and emotions. 


And on the negative side of things are the following:

  1. Story: This game really lacks any type of story. Yes, you’re trying to help Plachta regain her memories and you’re doing that through developing new recipes. Unfortunately, there is no journey and our heroes really face no crisis that they need to overcome—unless you consider thinking about new recipes as a crisis. 
  2. Villain: Related to the story issues is the fact that this game really lacks an antagonist that challenges the hero and compels them to overcome adversity. Luard falls far short of a compelling villain, mainly because he never really does anything. Sure, the game tells us that his alchemy is bad, but the fact that all that occurs off screen, is so minimal, and happens so late in the game really minimizes any potential impact it might have had.
  3. Combat: The combat in this game is pretty damn simplistic for an RPG. The vast majority of the time I found myself just using the offensive stance because most of the fights last at most two rounds, with very few exceptions.
  4. Pacing: The pacing of this game is off. There was just a couple of sections, such as when you’re developing Plachta’s body or pursuing Luard, that the game picks up. Most of the time there is a whole lot of nothing happening–other than taking time to think about something. In fact, the Latter Day DLC was pretty much just hitting the sleep button to advance the think about events.
  5. Enemies: There really is no excuse for either a PlayStation 3 or 4 game to have so many enemies that are just pallet swapped versions of each other. Most enemies had four or five different colored versions of themselves. Even the two bosses in the DLC were just pallet swapped version bosses in the main game. I can understand a few enemies, but there are so many in this game it’s inexcusable.
  6. Backpack: There needed to be a way to hold more items in the backpack when out gathering. Having a hundred slots filled up way too quickly and I found myself having to go back to the atelier way too often.

In the end the combination of the lack of any type of compelling story and being a very formulaic JRPG that fails to try anything different left me feeling that Sophie Atelier is a very mediocre JRPG. 

Final Verdict: 6.0/10


Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Parts 8 to 10 – 01/08/2018 to 01/10/2018)

I continued playing and have beaten Gust Co.’s “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book;” including the DLC.  Here are some of my thoughts on the game thus far (Spoilers Ahead).

  1. Alchemy: Last time I had made the complaint that there needs to be way to search for traits while making items during alchemy–and apparently there is. It’s too bad I didn’t discover the filter option until it was so late in the game. 
  2. 26730837_742069792658434_7660897950177432529_nAlchemy 2: Also, I didn’t notice that you could just hit the options button to bring up a whole list of items that you can craft that meet the material type requirements of the item that you are trying to create. This too was extremely helpful.
  3. Gather Level: And yet another mechanic that I didn’t know, but apparently the longer you’re out and the more stuff you gather the more difficult the enemies become and the better the items are. This is all indicated by the little bulbs on the side of the map. I remember the game discussing that at night creatures getting harder, but I don’t remember this mechanic being mentioned.
  4. Luard: I was pretty disappointed in this boss because throughout the game he hasn’t really done anything to make him feel like the antagonist. He basically shows up near the end of the game when Meklet and Atomos combine and then goes off and does his “bad” alchemy. And that’s pretty much it and that’s why he doesn’t really even feel like a villain. It really didn’t even feel that satisfying to defeat him.
  5. Luard’s Theme: The music in Luard’s battle is just badass and epic sounding. It really adds an epic feel to a fight that would’ve been otherwise completely flat.
  6. Light Elemental: Wow did this monster kick my ass several times. I found her to be a nice challenge and not as cheap as some of the other enemies.
  7. Demon King: This guy kicked my ass so hard and so many times. In some ways, unlike the Light Elemental, this guy comes off as cheap because he breaks the battle mechanic rules. For instance, he’ll switch from a regular attack to a warning attack mid-round, which gives you no time to switch stances. He’ll also heal himself out of turn or his card’s turns.
  8. Alchemy 3: Having gotten my ass handed to me multiple times by the Demon King, and having done some research, apparently I was way underpowered–and my precious overpower and dragonscale defense traits needed to be upgraded. And thus began basically three days of grinding to find powerful traits, create high quality materials and forge better arms and armor and items. I probably spent several hundred thousand gold on all of this. Also, I spent quite a bit of time leveling up stats.
  9. 26231615_742075345991212_151695050148967643_nPlachta: I also switched from Monika to Plachta and I soon realized that I should’ve done that right away. Plachta can deliver a serious beatdown.
  10. DLC: It’s hard to be disappointed in a DLC that’s free, but I really wish that the two bosses in the area weren’t just reskins of Nazarus and Luard. However, the items and traits that you get in this area are just fantastic! In addition, I thought the Latter Days DLC did a nice job of wrapping up the game and was a nice touch.

Early Impression: 6.5/10.0

Trophies Earned (45/45): After A Battle;” “The Master of Inspiration;” “Challenge From Plachta;” “Good Friend;” Reliable Guy, Oskar;” “Without Glasses;” “Logy’s Firm Will;” “The Sunlight Dragon;” “The Shadow Dragon;” “The Incarnation of Shine;” “The Cruel Violator;” “The Alchemist of Exhaustion;” and the platinum trophy, “The Alchemist of the Wonder Book.”

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Part 7 – 01/06/2018)

I continued playing Gust Co.’s “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.”  Here are some of my thoughts on the game thus far (Spoilers Ahead).

  1. Puni Among Punis: I purchased this rumor about a puni that leads all other punis and decided to go check out if the rumor was true on the Pilgrim Road. Upon reaching the Pilgrim Road I soon discovered a bunch of punis in a circle and in the middle a rather large puni. Surprisingly, the regular punis took off rather than attacking. The Puni Admiral, who attacked me, was kind of a pain in the ass in comparison to the experience points and gold he gives you (at least on normal).
  2. 26196407_740188256179921_5400369488004642538_nFarming Gold Punis: I think coming across the trick of farming gold punis on despair level really broke open up the game for me. Going from 60 gold per gold puni on normal to 600 on despair really allowed me to rack up the gold needed to upgrade armor and arms.
  3. 999 Quality Trick: This was another trick that helped immensely. Being able to use the quality up trait repeatedly to max out the quality of armor and arms was great.
  4. Dragon: The other thing that blew open the game for me was being able to actually defeat the dragon I stumbled across in the Fallen Palace and then receive some really good materials with some great traits.
  5. Dragon Soul: I’m really loving this skills, it increases all stats by 15 and skill power by 20%. It has really made a difference.
  6. Dragonscale Defense: Even more so than Dragon Soul, Dragonscale Defense has made an immense difference by increasing defense by 40. I went from taking pretty massive damage to taking around 5 damage per hit or less. So great.
  7. Overpower: Finishing off the combo of great traits is Overpower, which increases attack power by 20 and also allows the characters to absorb 10 percent of damage dealt as healing. So basically I am now finishing most battles in two rounds. In addition any damage I’ve taken is replenished by the damage absorption.
  8. Fairy Guide: I love this item. Being able to be taken instantly back to the atelier from wherever is so convenient.
  9. 26168293_740360422829371_6862398107873504071_nNazarus: What a pretty tragic guy, having to hide out on the outskirts of society due to his body slowly being taken over by a monster. Naturally you end up fighting the guy before you can heal him. As far as I can tell this is the first boss in the game. I mean there have been rumors where you can fight tough monsters, but these never really have had a boss feel to them, but rather just seemed like stronger versions of tougher monsters. Also, they are all voluntary and don’t progress the story.
  10. Alchemy: I have to say Gust needs to go back to the drawing board when it comes to the menus when using alchemy. It’s so tedious because you have to scroll through so many items until you find the trait you’re looking for. It would be nice to be able to search by trait. Also, why can’t the recipe list be organized alphabetically as an option?

Early Impression: 6.0/10.0

Trophies Earned (32/45): “I Can Do Anything!;” “Saving Enthusiast;” “The Cauldron Of Knowledge;” “The Repaired Clock;” “Sister’s Smile;” “Change A Mood;” “Plachta With Delight;” “The Expert Alchemist;” and “The Monstrous Left Hand”  

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Part 6 – 01/03/2018)

I continued playing Gust Co.’s “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.”  Here are some of my thoughts on the game thus far (Spoilers Ahead).

  1. New Outfit: I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the new outfit that Leon created for Sophie. I don’t know why, but her new costume reminds of a painter or an artist. I think it might be the fancy hat. Also, I’m noticing a trend in Leon’s designs in that she likes to showoff the bellybutton.
  2. 26167133_739050612960352_5541178433380246624_nMax Level: It’s crazy that the level cap in this game is twenty. That seems really low for an RPG–at least it’s one of the lower caps that I can remember off the top of my head.
  3. Ability System: What’s kind of weird is that once you hit level twenty an ability tree opens, in which you can spend adventure points, which you earn after so many experience points, towards different stats (such as attack, def, speed, special abilities, etc.) of your choice. Why wasn’t this system implemented at the beginning? Feels like a missed opportunity to me.
  4. Date Ticket: So I bought a date ticket with all of the vouchers I had been accumulating, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a date with Tess. It was kind of funny, if not a bit cliché, on the guys at the bar getting upset and ordering drinks to forget their sorrows.
  5. Harol: I’m actually pretty surprised how interesting this character was. He’s gone from being pretty much an ass to softening up. I think it’s interesting how he’s slowly facing his father’s legacy as a clockmaker.
  6. Pamela: There’s an event where you have to find out Pamela’s age. I have to say her saying that she doesn’t know how old she is because she is dead caught me off guard. I definitely was not expecting her to be a ghost.
  7. Cory: I’m really enjoying Cory’s backstory. The idea that she wants to be famous so that word about her and her unique ability to duplicate items so that her father could find her is touching. 
  8. Tess: There’s a sequence with Tess that was pretty funny. It all starts with a bomb and a rock and ends with needing fertilizer because the poison she requested killed all the weeds and the flowers.
  9. 26166752_739100519622028_250892222295098262_nLeon: There’s an interesting exchange between Leon and Sophie about dreams and what they are and what happens when you achieve your dream only to find it meaningless and empty. 
  10. Expert Cauldron: Loving the 50% bonuses that this cauldron bestows when creating items. Of course the exchange is a one minute time limit, which is not that bad.

Early Impression: 5.5/10.0

Trophies Earned (23/45): “A New Self;” “The Expert Adventurer;” “Date With Tess;” “It’s An Orgel;” “Horst’s Surprising Talent;” and “Recreation At The Lake.”


Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Part 5 – 01/02/2018)

I continued playing Gust Co.’s “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.”  Here are some of my thoughts on the game thus far (Spoilers Ahead).

  1. Enemies: It can be annoying sometimes when you defeat an enemy on the world map and as soon as you come out of combat another enemy has spawned just off screen and you’re sucked right into another fight. 
  2. 26196433_738541573011256_1573452775139896841_nDifficulty Unevenness: This is still a major annoyance in this game. You can go from one enemy in the same area and have no problem to another one and get completely wiped out. A lot of the times it has been the same enemy appearance wise on the screen, but yet in combat it will be four enemies with two at the same level and two four levels above you. I can get an area being full of tough enemies, but the same area having such unevenness is completely and utterly annoying. Oh and the flee option is worthless as I’ve had it work just once. 
  3. Soul Stone: I thought it was pretty funny when Lodgy talked to Sophie about coming across a soul stone twenty years ago, because looking at Lodgy it doesn’t even look like he is twenty or if he is he is early twenties at best. 
  4. Fast Speed: One of the things I haven’t liked about the world map has been how slow it can be for Sophie to walk from one point to another. However, I just now noticed that if you hold down the X button then Sophie will sprint. I really wish I had noticed that sooner.
  5. Items: One of my pet peeves, especially with PS3/PS4 generation games are when a game doesn’t bother showing an item, such as when Fritz delivered Plachta’s body, or just showing a picture of the item, which this game does frequently. How hard would it be to just have the character holding the item?
  6. Telling Scenes: In a similar vein to the item complaint, I also don’t like when a game tells a scene rather than showing it, especially given this is a visual medium. Too many times in this game has there just been a still drawing of a character and just text overlaying the skill. I was really disappointed that they did this with Plachta becoming a doll.
  7. Plachta: A couple of things about her doll form sticks out. First off, I was really surprised by just how big her hips are. It’s very distracting and weird looking. Also, she is basically running around in a nightie. I guess Fritz is kind of a pervert. 
  8. Shovel: There’s a pretty funny scene when you craft a new weapon for Oskar. Lodgy is pretty surprised when Oskar informs him that his shovel is actually his weapon and really can’t understand why Oskar would choose a shovel over an actual weapon.
  9. 26165294_738524109679669_2331495102559894274_nTown Map: Another thing I just noticed was that when you bring up the town map it shows where each of the characters are on the map. I don’t know how I missed that before.
  10. Golden Puni: I was actually surprised how easily these things are killed. Typically when something is golden in an RPG it is a bastard to kill or it runs away really fast.

Early Impression: 5.5/10.0

Trophies Earned (17/45): “Close Friendship” and “A Happy Present.”

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Part 4 – 01/01/2018)

I continued playing Gust Co.’s “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.”  Here are some of my thoughts on the game thus far (Spoilers Ahead).

  1. Monika: Okay, so there is a scene where Monika sings at the café. I don’t know why they didn’t translate the song as well. It’s a bit jarring, from a continuity perspective, to have a character sing in a totally different language. I can’t imagine that having that dubbed would’ve broken the bank.
  2. 26165714_738026979729382_6709082477514777849_nHorst: There’s a funny exchange between Horst and Sophie in regards to when Horst finds time to sleep, given that he is working at the café both at day and night. It never really occurred to be to even think about that. 
  3. Sophie and Plachta: Easily the best part of the game up to this point has been the interactions between these two characters. I especially enjoyed the scene where Sophie just plops Plachta into her cauldron in the hopes of turning her back to human, which ends up going horribly wrong.
  4. Enhanced Armor and Weapons: It’s about time that weapons can actually be made stronger. I’m already starting to see a difference in the combat, especially in regards to damage being dealt–especially once you get to level two or three weapon enhancement. The only downside is it is damn expensive to upgrade them and I soon found myself without funds.
  5. Makelet and Atomina:  What is the deal with these two characters? They just randomly pop up, ask a question, and then just leave? They want to build a castle out of candy, but dress pretty proactively for characters that look like they are preteens. Are they the antagonists? I wish there was a bit more motivation to them.
  6. Makelet: I swear it sounds like the voice actor for Makelet is the same one who voices Pamela. 
  7. Pamela: Why does Pamela ask Sophie if she has eaten breakfast before offering to sell her something? It just seems so random to me. 
  8. Uneven Pacing: Man this game suffers from some uneven pacing. For the longest time there wasn’t much going on and then it was a frenzy of activity when it comes to making Plachta human again.
  9. 26166064_737955673069846_7920962950754356885_nCombat: When you chain moves you have no way to choose who is the character that is going to chain the move, which is a bit frustrating. It kind of sucks to have Sophie continuing to block attacks. Also, how come you can’t choose the final move when the chain reaches 300 percent? Really makes the combat pretty hands off.
  10. Monika: I really can’t tell if her glasses are actually fully rendered. It really looks to me that it is just the nose piece that’s there. Also, does her jacket literally tuck behind her boobs rather than cover them? Just kind of odd looking to me. Other than those complaints I really do like her character design. Probably my second favorite behind Leon.

Early Impression: 5.5/10.0

Trophies Earned (15/45): “The Best Pianist;” “The Project Failed!?;” “Monika Singing on the Stage;” and “Suitable and Strong.”

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Part 3 – 12/30/2017)

I continued playing Gust Co.’s “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.”  Here are some of my thoughts on the game thus far (Spoilers Ahead).

  1. Antagonist: Okay, I’m a quite a few hours into the game now and as far as I can tell there’s no antagonist or any type of “hero’s journey” for Sophie. It’s literally been all gathering ingredients and learning to make new items. The lack of any story beyond just the barebones effort thus for is just mind boggling.
  2. 26055549_737041339827946_613411476532538910_nCombat: Okay, so I get the different stances, but the fact that my weapons do very little damage against most enemies, and the fact that most enemies do a ridiculous amount of damage, makes combat in this game not that fun. Also, battles, outside of a select few enemies, seems to drag on.
  3. Day/Night: I think the day/night cycle changes way too fast when out in the world. It would’ve been nice if there had been a rest feature on the world map to help adjust that.
  4. Requests: When you first start doing requests, Horst talks about not giving you any that would be difficult for you to overcome. Well, that’s not true. He gives out one that has you hunting down fangs at level nine when the beasts are at level sixteen and can one host you. Not cool, dude. Not cool at all. Same with rumors. There was one about a big fish. At the time I was level ten and went to fight it and it was level twenty-one. Also sucked that you couldn’t run away and it cost 650 for the rumor.
  5. Fritz: This guy comes off as pretty creepy to me. I mean he’s basically a grown man out in the middle of the night talking to the dolls that he is making. He also seemed to get really, really excited about the dolls. I wonder if he actually uses the two swords he is carrying to make them. 
  6. Unbalanced: The enemies in this game are so unbalanced it is ridiculous. You can go from dominating enemies to getting dominated in the same area. And you have no way of knowing going into it whether or not you’re going to be facing an overpowered enemy. Combined with a lack of weapons/armor and extremely leveling up and you’re left with combat that comes off as cheap and just isn’t any fun. There’s really no middle ground in this game. Enemies are either a breeze or just destroy you.
  7. Flee: I’ve never played a game that has such a low success rate at running away from a battle, which just exacerbates the whole issue of running into difficult enemies.
  8. 26166922_737041889827891_2293337964001657330_nMan On Roof: There’s a guy laying on the roof in town who hasn’t moved for awhile. Every morning I come out he’s in the same position. I’m a bit concerned that he’s dead.
  9. Piano: Okay, so it wasn’t just my imagination. You can actually improve when it comes to playing the piano. Not sure what the point of it is, but at least it’s heading to somewhere.
  10. Duplication: I’m really liking the duplication store. I wish you could register more items, but something is better than nothing.

Early Impression: 4.0/10.0

Trophies Earned (11/45): “Owner of the Voice” and “A Deadly Blow”

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (Part 2 – 12/29/2017)

I continued playing Gust Co.’s “Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.”  Here are some of my thoughts on the game thus far (Spoilers Ahead).

  1. First Boss Fight: Okay, so I finally thought there was going to be some kind of boss fight when Oskar came in and said there’s a powerful monster he needs help with in the Forgotten Nursery. Unfortunately, when you get there a swordsman shows up and basically knocks it out in one swing, off screen off course, because this game rarely shows any type of narrative actions.
  2. AtelierSophie-39Weapons: I got super excited when Logy opened his store and finally said that he would start crafting weapons. However the excitement died really quickly when all of the weapons available were just the starter weapons I already had. What’s the point of that? Am I missing something?
  3. Corneria: Okay, so with any JRPG you have to expect some goofy and impractical outfits, but I think Corneria’s is the goofiest that I’ve seen thus far. Seriously, her sleeves are so long they are borderline ridiculous. They kind of remind me of that character from the movie, Iron Monkey, who uses them as weapons.
  4. Combat: At this point I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m super underpowered or the combat scale is just off. It’s crazy that most enemies near my level will knock off ridiculous amounts of health, while the weapons I have seem to be pretty ineffective, unless they are a couple of levels under me.
  5. Julio: Yay, I got a new party member who actually does a fair amount of damage to enemies. Hopefully this will level out the difficulty a bit more. So tired of having to run back to the city after just a few battles to recover.
  6. Plachta: So one of the strengths of this game so far is the interactions between the characters. One case is the interaction between Sophie and Plachta. In this interaction Plachta indicates that she is 500 years old and then gets upset when Sophie calls her old.
  7. Oskar: Another funny interaction is between Julio, Oskar and Sophie. In this interaction Julio is telling Oskar he is too fat and needs to lose weight, while Oskar is flabbergasted that no one can tell how much weight he has already lost.
  8. Story: I seriously think Gusto forgot to add a narrative to this game. It literally has just been gathering elements to create to new recipes in Plachta and that’s been the whole of the motivation. Oh and the memories she gathers, at least so far, hasn’t added anything to the story. Oh, she’s 500 years old and is a reference book? Fantastic.
  9. atelier-sophie-ps-vita-ps4-20160603-character-2Pamela: I wonder if Pamela is voiced by a guy? She really sounds like a guy when you’re going to go buy something, which just throws me off, because she really is probably the most traditional feminine character of the bunch. 
  10. Leon: So much like with Logy, I got super excited about being able to craft armor through her store and much like Logy the only thing she is offering is the armor I already have. I seriously have to be missing something, because what’s the point otherwise?

Early Impression: 5.5/10.0

Trophies Earned (9/45): “Please, Cory!;” “Drastic Slash;” and “Custom-Made Equipment.”